Author: Fernney Piou

The cocoa production region’s in the Grande-Anse, after Matthew

img_20161009_053614The hurricane Matthew, struck severely the main cocoa production in the Grande-Anse Department of Haiti, mainly Dame-Marie, Chambellan, Anse-d’Hainault, Moron, Les Irois and Abricots. The devastating hurricane left after its passage : sadness, destroyed houses, annihilated gardens and decimated cocoa plantations.

The major cooperative of cocoa producers, CAUD (Cooperative Agricole Union Développement)  saw all its infrastructures of treatment of beans, drying and storage,  transformed into a heap of rubbles. The women involved in the transformation of agricultural products such as cocoa, Fanm TRAFKAD, also saw the roof of their workshop gone and  some of their equipments unusable.

Il will be very difficult for these organizations to start over again on their own. They need our HELP and if you can give them a push through FESMAR and DONATE Now.

Thank you so much!

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