What an immense joy it is to be amongst young people so full of life and so willing to engage in any project that would help them develop their many talents! In a country where resources are scarce and where families with many children live with less than two dollars a day, it is essential to provide support to the youth, who otherwise, too often, are left to the streets.
Soccer, the sport of choice for Haitians, is played nationwide by a great majority of the young population. This team sport provides those who practice it with opportunities to socialize, to learn about themselves, and to develop new friendships. Much of Dame-Marie’s youth plays this sport, like most of their peers in other cities. However, the families of these communities are facing economic difficulties that make it impossible for them to provide their children with the equipment required for the practice of this sport. In schools, a bit of soccer practice can often be observed, and sometimes competitions are held.
To enable Dame-Marie’s youth to have soccer practice as much as possible, FESMAR proposes to permanently support to the city’s schools, by establishing a inter-league soccer championship. Each school will be invited to form their U-16 teams in preparation for the realization of the Soccer Championship of the Coupe du Cacao (Cocoa Cup)
In the future, other sports practice will be offered to young people, all of this with the aim to contribute to making of them, in the future, citizens practicing and promoting the values of solidarity, tolerance, and peace.


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