The Elvécina St. Martin Foundation (FESMAR) is a a non-profit structure working in the region of Grand Anse, in general, and in the town of Dame-Marie, in particular.
FESMAR is committed to supporting the citizens of Dame-Marie, young and old, in realizing their dreams of education and cultural progress, as well as their projects for social and economic development. The Foundation has thus carried out many activities involving students, farmers, cooperators, craftsmen and artisans, merchants and traders, and many others.
By organizing such a diverse range of activities FESMAR intends to strengthen the knowledge and skills of the target groups as well as the abilities of partner organizations. The Foundation is also dedicated to the development of environmental sites, the trees and plants of the area. FESMAR also works to promote good social and economic practices which result in actions carried out under the banner of solidarity, tolerance and peace.