[cml_media_alt id='294']Noah[/cml_media_alt]Noah was born in New York in late 1990s. He went to the Montessori School system for about a year before moving to Massachusetts in 2000.
Noah completed his elementary education at Claypit Hill School of the Wayland Public School in 2009 and went to the Wayland Middle School for his sixth grade. In 2010, Noah left the Wayland Middle School to go to The Roxbury Latin School, which is one of the most selective and most achieved school for boys in United States, with a high percentage of graduates admitted to most Ivy League schools every year.
He performs well academically, artistically, and athletically at The Roxbury Latin School. He received high marks for all his classes during his freshman year, and scored highly in the Latin SAT Examination. He will continue to work hard and achieve high performances for his remaining time at the Roxbury Latin. Noah participated in many choral concerts at Roxbury Latin, he is a member of the Glee Club. He was member of the cast of three theatrical performances: The Pirate of Penzance, The Love of Three Oranges, and Lord of the Flies. Noah used to play the violin when he was younger along with the piano, but in the past two years he became more interested in piano and dropped the violin. He is pursuing his musical education at the Longy School of Music in Cambridge, where he participated in many piano recitals. He took part in the Songs for Haiti Benefit Concert in February 14, 2010 in Longy School of Music to help the Haitian earthquake victims.
During his academic year, Noah plays three different sports at The Roxbury Latin School: soccer in the fall, wrestling in winter and tennis in spring. His best sport is wrestling, in which he finished in second place at two wrestling tournaments during his ninth grade academic year. Noah is well known among his peers and teachers as a hard worker and a team player with compassion. Despite his heavy schoolwork load, he finds time to volunteer in his church on Sundays where he’s an assistant group leader for students of the ages of three to five as well as seven to nine.
He thinks that every child deserves to live in an environment that supports his/her full development. He is touched by the lack of education and poor living conditions that Haitian children face daily. Noah would like to honor his Haitian heritage by alleviating the living conditions and improving the academic and overall formation of the children of Dame-Marie, the city where his father was born. He would also like to make a difference in their lives and give them hope for a better tomorrow via academics, arts and sports.
YES, I wish to support Noah and FESMAR in their endeavors!