[cml_media_alt id='286']Elvecina-st-martin[/cml_media_alt]A courageous mother, devoted and proud, Elvecina St-Martin was the daughter of Elvecius St-Martin and his wife, both of whom belonged to notable families in the town of Dame-Marie. 
At the end of the second decade of the last century, around 1918,  Elvecina met Edouard Piou, a passionate young advocate of democracy who would later go on to achieve a brilliant political career, though unfortunately cut short. From this union, 5 children were born: Eugene, Felix, Brunette, Emmanuel and Yvonne Piou.
On January 28th 1964, during the country’s dictatorial reign of terror ruled by Francois Duvalier, Eugene was forcibly arrested by soldiers in his own home, in the middle of the night. His wife Germaine, and his children Nanie, Fernney, Jean Enard, Ninette and Jean Eugene suddenly had to learn how to live without the loving presence of a brilliant, illuminating, informed and active father. As for Elvecina, she died of grief, two years later, in 1966, mourning until her last breath her son Eugene, forever gone.
Of Elvecina St-Martin’s  five children, Brunette is the only one still alive today. She continues to honour the memory of her beloved mother in her second home: the United States of America. She left Haiti in 1967 for the northern country where her husband, Martin Robergeau, had been living. She now resides in the city of Orlando.
During the dark years that followed the death of her brother Eugene, Brunette Piou Robergeau joined forces with Germaine in order to ensure that his children would be able to pursue their dreams. They will never cease to show her  their undying affection and gratitude.