Your financial contribution to FESMAR (through your debit card, credit card, PayPal account or personal check) will enable the foundation to carry out its various projects for different subgroups of Haitian people who need a helping hand to improve their living conditions.

YES, I wish to support FESMAR in its endeavors!

  • Your donation will go mainly to the conduct of activities in support of school children. You  must know that using the equivalent of one hundred (100.00) U.S. dollars in Haitian gourdes, a year of schooling can be provided to a child of elementary school.
  • In addition, to contribute to the physical, cultural and intellectual development of the child, your donation will be used to provide extracurricular activities such as: sports (through a soccer tournament), plastic arts (through the organization of a drawing workshop) and music.
  • With your donation, a multimedia center designed primarily for children will be built by FESMAR.
  • Your donation will help FESMAR continue providing support to farmers in general and cocoa farmers for the implementation of sustainable and environmentally conscious agricultural techniques.
  • Women play a central role in the Haitian family, your donation will contribute to the strengthening of economic activities they undertake. Developing activities centered on a solidarity economy will be encouraged through your donation.

Once your donation is received by FESMAR, a receipt can be sent via e-mail by filling out the attached form for tax purposes.