[cml_media_alt id='293']daphnee[/cml_media_alt]Daphnee was born, at the end of the last century, in New York. After moving to Massachusetts in 2000, she went to the Wayland Public School system and was a student at Claypit Hill School from kindergarten to fourth grade.  Her teachers and classmates admired her during her time at Claypit, she excelled academically and was considered as a high achiever by her teachers.
Daphnee left the Wayland Public School system in 2010 to go to The Winsor School in Boston, which is one of the most selective, and most achieved school for girls in United States, with a high percentage of graduates admitted to most Ivy League schools every year. She thrived academically for her first three years at Winsor and will continue to work hard and achieve high academic performances. She rotates through seven different sports at Winsor during her academic year:  soccer, lacrosse, tennis, softball, basketball, field hockey and swimming. In addition to these school sports, Daphnee is a very good gymnast and for the past nine years and she has been trained at Planet Gymnastics in Natick, Massachusetts. She has been doing this sport competitively for the past five years. Throughout these years she has collected many medals and trophies for her achievements at competitions across the state of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
Daphnee showed some musical talents at a young age; she started playing piano at the age of two and violin at three. In grade four, she was the lead violinist at the Claypit Hill School Orchestra.  For her musical education, Daphnee goes to The Longy School of Music in Cambridge, Massachusetts where she studies music theory, music history, piano, and violin. She was a student in the Young Performer Program at Longy for the past three years where she was granted certificates of excellence for her high achievements in her studies at the school. She participated in multiple piano, and violin recitals and took part in many choral performances.
Daphnee is well rooted in the Haitian culture; she pays her first tribute to honor her Haitian heritage by participating in the Songs for Haiti Benefit Concert, in February 14, 2010 at Longy School of Music, to help the Haitian earthquake victims. Daphnee was exposed to the value of an excellent academic education, at a young age, and the benefits of spiritual education, sports and arts to the formation of children. Despite her busy schedule during the academic year, Daphnee always finds time to volunteer in her church on Sundays where she’s an assistant group leader for students of the ages of three to five years old.  Daphnee has a good sense of duty regarding the needs of children; she is aware of the poor living condition and lack of education that the Haitian children are facing. She would like to make a difference in the lives of the children of Dame-Marie, the Haitian city where her father was born; she would also like to improve their living conditions and academic education, enhance their overall formation and give them hope for a brighter future.
YES, I wish to support Daphnee and FESMAR in their endeavors!