Amongst all the countries in the Caribbean, Haiti remains a mystery that fascinates and attracts. It is a country of contrasts. Haiti is gifted with so much natural, cultural and historical wealth that ensuring a better life for people in rural and urban areas would only be a question of building upon, and exploiting that wealth, in a perspective of development for the benefit of its communities.
It is in consciousness of the need for living condition ameliorating actions to work within a framework of environmental protection that FESMAR thinks appropriate to promote other income-generating activities for the local population. Tourism associated with the lifestyle of rural communities can indeed provide new economic opportunities while contributing to better management of natural resources.
The beautiful rural landscape, natural sites, their history, culture as well as the very way of life of local communities, alongside so many other aspects of tourism, remain, in rural communities, a rewarding experience for those who live it.
Together with partner organizations, FESMAR, a member of de RENAPROTS, is developing a component of tourism that can be beneficial for both visitor and visited population. The breathtaking scenery and natural sites in the Grande-Anse will be offered up for the admiration of fellow citizens as well as worldly ones, who are passing through this land of freedom begotten in pain, where we strive to make life good for one and all.
Come share snapshots of life in rural Haiti, contribute to the emergence of a united world!