The celebration of the Cocoa festival in the town Dame-Marie has become a major appointment for the West Grande Anse coop farmers, as well as for many other partners involved in production, marketing and processing of cocoa in different parts of the country.
This fifth edition, while building on the previous four, aims to be an innovative beacon of hope for future generations of farmers of this important part of the economy of the western part of the Grande’Anse.
This year, the Cocoa Festival intends to pave the way for the revival of quality cocoa production quality through advocacy in favor of this culture via:
▪ the laying of the cornerstone of the Centre for the Promotion and Expansion of Cocoa Culture (CPECC)
▪ the development of a partnership with North-based cocoa cooperatives in order to enter the international market,
▪ the implementation of techniques used to obtain the finest quality beans, ensuring the product meets international standards, and finally,
▪ by providing farmer cooperatives the support required to engage in the level of cocoa processing necessary to supply the local market.
Regional, national and international institutions, as well as specialized cooperatives in marketing and cocoa production will all be asked to show solidarity and share their experiences with Dame-Marie farmers. This is all in the hope of reaching our goal of exporting cocoa to a fair market, whilst providing a good quality product. We hope to see the establishment of processing units in the main towns of Dame-Marie’s cocoa region.