The second edition of the Cocoa Festival was celebrated from the 18th to 20th of April 2008, with the support of the same partners who contributed to the first edition: CAUD, AEADMA, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Tourism. In addition, given the economic role of cocoa in the western part of the department of Grand Anse, a special appeal was made to the Ministry of Agriculture in order to support cocoa farmers in their efforts to improve the performance of plantations, while controlling quality problems as well as providing technical assistance to small local cocoa processing workshops.
To better understand the issues faced by cocoa farmers and workers, a retreat was organized in Dame-Marie on March 7th, 2008. Dozens of Grand’Anse citizens participated in this day of reflexion. Many organizations or trades were represented, including but not limited to cooperatives, traders, artisans, farmers and community groups.
Decisions taken from different points of discussion were presented, for the Festival, as a schedule of responsibilities, which was adopted by the participants and integrated into an action plan for the subsequent twelve months.