With the economic and ecological importance of cocoa culture for the region of Dame-Marie in mind, FESMAR took the initiative to launch the first edition of the Cocoa Festival in 2007, from April 13th to 15th in Dame Marie, under a temporary tent made of coconut leaves and bamboo.
Delegations of cocoa farmer groupings, cocoa cooperatives  from neighbouring  communities, (Chamberlain, Anse-d’Hainault, les Irois), as well as a delegation of the Northern Federation of Cocoa Cooperatives  (FECCANO) responded to the FESMAR, CAUD and AEADMA invitation.

The organization of the first Festival cocoa Dame-Marie captured the imagination of the population of Dame-Marie and that of our guests from other parts of the country. It brought hope to farmers and their cooperative organizations. The Festival contributed to a significant rise in awareness within farmer communities, as they slowly began to believe that through cocoa cultivation, they could indeed find a way out of poverty, while keeping their land and taking care of their families.
Members of the community now believe that in a near future, they will be able to provide tourist oriented services (accommodation, meals, excursions, etc..) while promoting sustainable development in the area.