The cocoa production region’s in the Grande-Anse, after Matthew

img_20161009_053614The hurricane Matthew, struck severely the main cocoa production in the Grande-Anse Department of Haiti, mainly Dame-Marie, Chambellan, Anse-d’Hainault, Moron, Les Irois and Abricots. The devastating hurricane left after its passage : sadness, destroyed houses, annihilated gardens and decimated cocoa plantations.

The major cooperative of cocoa producers, CAUD (Cooperative Agricole Union Développement)  saw all its infrastructures of treatment of beans, drying and storage,  transformed into a heap of rubbles. The women involved in the transformation of agricultural products such as cocoa, Fanm TRAFKAD, also saw the roof of their workshop gone and  some of their equipments unusable.

Il will be very difficult for these organizations to start over again on their own. They need our HELP and if you can give them a push through FESMAR and DONATE Now.

Thank you so much!

Farewell summertime, it’s back to school time!

Summer vacations 2013 are coming to an end and in a few days students of Haiti will be back in their classrooms. FESMAR for these three months of vacation were well filled: the foundation has enabled young people to participate in a summer camp, welcomed two new members and supported CAUD in its efforts to improve the production cocoa.


The FESMAR participated with RENAPROTS accordance with its commitment to support young people and organizations dedicated to improving the living conditions of the population, organizing a summer camp called VD-ÉTÉ 2013 (Travels and Discoveries SUMMER 2013) for youth aged 13 to 17. This first experience has brought together fifteen teenagers and took place in the towns of Saut d’Eau and Petit Goave (communal section of Vallue), under the responsibility of two member organizations: the Foundation Saut d ‘Haiti water and Mountain Eco-Construction (EMC). This successful experience of RENAPROTS has every chance of becoming a long term fixture, hoping that next year it will be extended to other network members and other cities of the country.


FESMAR the hosts during the school year, two young members who assume important responsibilities along the Education and Culture, and Youth and Sports axis of activities. They are Daphne and Noah Piou, great-grandchildren of Elvecina St-Martin. These young people aged respectively thirteen and fifteen years old, living in the United States have decided, with the support of their parents, Jean-Eugène and EMOSE Piou, educate their peers on school situations of Haiti. To this end, Daphne will support youth accompanied by FESMAR in the field of Education and Culture. Noah will on his side support the Youth and Sport sector. The second Cocoa Cup championship will soon be launched, and Noah already has a lot on his plate. The FESMAR team wishes success to Daphnee and Noah in their studies and in their efforts to support children of Haiti of their parents.


During the month of September, the Union-Development Agricultural Coop (CAUD), FESMAR’s main partner in organizing the Cocoa Festival editions, received a mission ECOCERT is a body, among other things, certifying farmers interested in selling their product under the organic label. This mission of ECOCERT Dame-Marie is the result of hard work of CAUD, encouraged in this direction by the FESMAR. The CAUD operated since last year, a major milestone in its history by embarking on the placing on the market of fermented cocoa with its European partner, KALEOS. With the organic label, the CAUD can position itself on the fair trade market and get a better price for their cocoa. FESMAR wishes courage and perseverance to all members of the CAUD and especially to its Board of Directors.

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